why do not u try to get job in your core side(example :-eee)?

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how do i know that I am using 32 bit Windows

5 Answers   SunGard,

As a QA person, what are the process we need to follow/do?

2 Answers  

Can you help me with your suggestions so as to select a test management system that fits perfectly well with the two widely used software development methodologies i.e., agile and waterfall?

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What is meant by Bidirectional Tracebility matrix?

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What are the defects found in testing banking domain?

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Kindly tell me some good websites from where I can study about sqa and testing(advance and new material)

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what is exploratory Testing?

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What is base concept of QA against usability Issues

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difference between QA and QC????

4 Answers  

when we want to be a good tester what should we need to be good at...

6 Answers   Semantic Space,

How you will begin to improve the QA process?

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what is the difference between functional requirements and non functional requirements? Which things will come in bothe categories?

12 Answers