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what is check point?

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what is check point?..

Answer / kotike

Check point is a verification point. It will capture the
expected value in pre execution and capture actual value
while execution. Then compare actual value with expected
value and send results accordingly to qtp results.


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what is check point?..

Answer / kamal pratap singh

A checkpoint is where all committed transactions are written
to the redo/audit logs, so puts a checkpoint in the
transaction log every. The DBA determine the frequency of
the checkpoints based on volume of transactions. Too
frequent checkpoints affect performance. Checkpoints that
are too long in between will cause a longer mean time to
recovery because more logs will have to be applied.

And check the run-time configuration options

The CHECKPOINT command forces an immediate checkpoint when
the command is issued, without waiting for a scheduled

A checkpoint is a point in the transaction log sequence at
which all data files have been updated to reflect the
information in the log.

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