why we use sql server in webapplication

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why we use sql server in webapplication..

Answer / rajendra

SQL Server is RDBMS software from Microsoft.
It provides databackend for the web application



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why we use sql server in webapplication..

Answer / satyaprasad

In webapplication ,to test the datebase we use SQL .In
database testing we have to do data validation and data
integrity, for that purpose to retrieve the data from the
back end we use sql queries(select statements).
hi this is satya ,any doubts contact:9912418320

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why we use sql server in webapplication..

Answer / tera peoooo

we use sql server for doing kanjarkhana or kutekhani of
this is rubbish language
sale kis kamine ne bnayi, mile to sahi maa bhen ek kardu

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