what is cookies. how do we test the cookies

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what is cookies. how do we test the cookies..

Answer / uday kumar_anem

Cookies are the temporary files created by the WebServer
and stored in the user's computer. WebServer uses these
files to optimize the response times between the user
request an webserver.
Only webserver can read the cookies. we cannot open and
read the info. in cookies.
The best ex. of cookies is: when you login to a site, it
stores your credentials into cookies, from there on the
credentials in these cookies are used while we navigating
to other links in the site.

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what is cookies. how do we test the cookies..

Answer / sri

Definition of Cookie:They are simple text messages which
are sent by the web servers to the web browsers when ever
we open any URL and for each forward and backward action.

Testing of cookies:Type a URL. Click back and forward
button and check for the file

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