How to test the database manual? how to test data base
lekage by using manual and also using QTP ?

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How to test the database manual? how to test data base lekage by using manual and also using QTP ?..

Answer / rajendra

Manual Database Testing:
every application will have an user interface page to enter
the data.
Actually what we enter the data in front end will be stored
in the back end database.
In this process od database testing we will enter some test
data from front end.
We will check the data stored in to the database with the
test data which we entered from the front end.

If the database is working fine then the data entered from
the front end must be same as the data present in the

To start actual database testing testers normally login in
to database using User name and password.

More than this we should check the database constarints of
the database like
i. Check constrain
ii. Primary key constrain
iii.Forign key constrain(Referential integrity constain)
iv. Unique contrain
v. Not Null constratins must be tested for the given
LEKAGE:When large volumes of data is inserted in to database
database cannot retain the data in the database.
this condition is called as database lekage.

In QTP we use data driven feature for storing large amount
of data i to database.



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How to test the database manual? how to test data base lekage by using manual and also using QTP ?..

Answer / ramprasad.s


connect to the database by

username/password @ database name
then check for
Insert/update/delete/retrieve from the database.

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