How are reaction rates dependent upon free energy changes?

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Since pepsin is a gastric enzyme does it, has acid or basic optimum ph? What happen to pepsin when it passes to the duodenum?

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hormones from echinodermata?

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What functional group is hydrolyzed in the hydrolysis of ATP to ADP and Pi?

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how haemoglobin acts as an allosteric protein?

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What are pentoses? To what organic group do pentoses belong? Are nucleotides formed of only one type of pentose?

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Give the chemical formula for Borax?

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what are the different types of calines?

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If a polar molecule has a charge of 4.8 * 10^ (-10) and internuclear distance is 1A then what is its dipole moment?

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you have a mixture of dNTPs(deoxynucleotide triphosphates)in a can you separate these all?

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What is the order of C-H bond length in C2H6 and C2H4 and C2H2?

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How do you define free radical addition reaction? Give an example.

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what r artificial sweeteners?

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