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Explain how the rings on a tree trunk can tell you the age
of the tree and What is that branch of botany called?

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Explain spectrophotometry?

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Name the Different classes of plants in the plant kingdom?

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what is the difference between SEM & TEM?

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Operon model in genetics refers to ?

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What specific mechanism regulates cyclic vs noncyclic electron transfer during light reactions of photosynthesis?

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What are liverworts?

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Give classifictrion and description of phytophthora?

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What is Ethnobotany?

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what is Mineralcrisis?

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Which plants produces new plant with the help of leaf buds?

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If you break off a piece of an aloe plant and put it in water, will roots grow and What is that type of propagation called?

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What is Colchicum ?

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