How to do cards Testing? And give sample test cases please? And tell me about vision plus card?

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combo box is object or picture?

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Difference between Severity & Priority?

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what is soak testing

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What are the possible test scenarios around AVS check of any credit card? (Testing through payment gateway online) (What are the fields we should check while checking AVS and CVV)

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what is web server ur using at ur current testing of web application.

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What development model should programmers and the test group use?

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If there there are 100 test cases which need to be executed in one day and out of them 50 are of Critical Severity, 30 are Major and 20 are Minor. What would be your approach?

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Which was the most interesting bug you found.

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Can Any Body Explain Major Bugs Find During Manual Testing

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what is quality Factor

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What makes a good software qa engineer?

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difference between sainty and smoke testing?

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