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Hi, Mobile manufacturing given a mobile phone as a gift to their employee. What journal entry we need to pass in company point of view.

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In Individual Accounting Capital comes under which head?

4 Answers   Infosys,

In india i did MA BE.d but now i am applying for student visa in australia in masters of professional accounting will i face any problem in interview call that why u change ur course how i ill support my answer

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Purchase returns?

2 Answers   ACS,

Explain in simple terms what is the difference between asset, equity, and liabilities?

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what is the journal entry for gas connection taken by company for preparing tea and coffee.

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What is the Significance of Open Item of B.R.S. in SAP.

1 Answers   Samsung,

what are the charecteristics of cost accounting financial accounting managment accounting payroll accounting environmental accounting h r accounting forensic accounting inflation accounting?

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If the company acquires equipment prior to incorporation what are the accounting entries?

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I am going to take interview of some candidate for the position of Accountant. Therefore, I want to know what type of question I shall be ask to the candidates. Please suggest.

1 Answers  

How many Accounting standards are there in India ?

4 Answers  

What is double-entry accounting? Explain with an example?

0 Answers Asset costs $ 10,000 and has a net book value of $ 100, and an estimated life of ten (10) years, what would be the annual depreciation using the straight line method?

1 Answers