salary and rent entry with tds deduct

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How to treat company managers personal expenses met by company if he is not taking salary from company and in future salary will be payable after deducting all personal expenses (salary amt will be decided only at paying year). pass journal entries

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hello friends i like to know journal entry for one loan transaction ie if you purchase a car for EMI with initial payment how to make first entry & monthly entry any thing is there? pls reply to me.

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Define depriciation?

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A motor car purchased on 1 apr 10 worth rs 10000 taking a loan from bank of rs 8000. Emi will b 500 pm inclusive of interest rs 100 pm.all repayments are done by bank overdraft. Prepase bshEet & P&L as at 31 mar 10

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what is golden accounting rules

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capital is a assets but its shows in liability side. why?

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If we withdraw cash from OD account, is it contra entry or receipt entry

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want to know the questions and answers frequently asking in banks at the time of interview for any cadre

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Sales tax waybill is required for how much value of invoice (for example we raise Rs.1000 bill is waybill required in andhra pradesh)

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What is C & F Activity ?

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what is a source document for a cancelled cheque

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Can anybody tell me the steps involved in Budgeting / Forecasting generally..?. Hints would be appreciated highly.

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