can you show me the test cases on registration form

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How will you divide two numbers without using the division operator?

2 Answers   Aspire, College School Exams Tests,

What is the main use of preparing a traceability matrix?

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When you found a bug and reports it to the developer but the developer is least bothered and he does not accept that bug what will u do?

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What is QA and QC ? Tester's are coming under QA or QC ?

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What is the difference between Functional test cases and UAT test cases?

2 Answers   IBM,

Can you please tell me what and how to test in a web based application manually? And i manually need to do usability testing and functionality testing for the same (web based application. So please tell me how and what to check the functionality and usability of the web based application?

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can any one tell whats the difference between smoke testing and sanity testing

13 Answers   CIC, HCL,

What is security testing? How to test the web application using security testing ?

5 Answers   Miracle Solutions,

What is change request, how you use it?

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What is meant by Boundary value analisis and Equalence partitioning? Can give derive this using these methods? In a system designed to work out the tax to be paid: An employee has £4000 of salary tax free. The next £1500 is taxed at 10% The next £28000 is taxed at 22% Any further amount is taxed at 40% Which of these groups of numbers would fall into the same equivalence class? a) £4800; £14000; £28000 b) £5200; £5500; £28000 c) £28001; £32000; £35000 d) £5800; £28000; £32000

0 Answers   TCS,

what is difference between BVA and Equivalence Partitioning? For login page(UN,PW) i have requrement as characters should be you aplly both BVA and EP.......?

3 Answers   EDS,

1. why do you go for test bed ?

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