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what is single tire, 2tire 3 tire and so on upto ntire ?
can ny one explain me about this in detail.

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what is single tire, 2tire 3 tire and so on upto ntire ? can ny one explain me about this in detai..

Answer / shaik baji

Single Tire:
In single tire architecture all there layers of the
Enterprise application (1.Presentaion layer, 2.Business
layer, 3.Data Storage & Data Access layer) are tightly
coupled and it's most sutable for Standed alone
applications only.

Disadvantage of Single Tire:
1)Due to this tight coupling if we want to change the
presentation then the change might be effect on remaining
layers too.
2)Only one client can able to access the resources at a time

Two Tire:
In Two tire architecture we are separating the the
Presentation layer from the Business layer and Data access
and Data Storage layes so that we can provide the
sharability of the Business logic to all the presentation

Here we are coupling only Business layer and Data Storage &
Data Access layer only.

Example of Two Tire is : Client Server architecture

Advantages of Two Tire architecture:
1) More than one client can interact at a time
2) Data access centric
3) While comparing with the Singel tire architecture it os
not that much of tight coupling.

Three Tire Architecure:
In Three tire architecture we are separating all the three
layers(Presentation layer, Business layer and Data access
and Data Storage layes) on different different nodes so
that we can maintain application very esily.

It's a loosly coupling architecure.

Example of Two Tire is : MVC-I and MVC-II

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what is single tire, 2tire 3 tire and so on upto ntire ? can ny one explain me about this in detai..

Answer / sachin

In one tier application the UI/Server(business
logic)/Database resides on one node.

The most basic type of client-server architecture employs
only two types of nodes: clients and servers. This type of
architecture is sometimes referred to as two-tier.

The 3-Tier architecture has the following three tiers.

1. Presentation Tier
2. Logic Tier / Business Logic Tier / Transaction Tier
3. Data Tier

Where N-Tier Architecture contains each modules resides in
different node, which are as follows
1. Presentation GUI.
(HTML, Windows Forms etc.)
2. Presentation Logic Tier.
- The Web(VB Script,VB.Net,Java Script etc.)
- Proxy Tier(SOAP,COM,DCOM etc.)
- Client interface
3. Business Tier.
(Business Objects and Rules)
4. Data Access Tier.
(Interfaces that handles all the Data I/O)
5. Data Tier.

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what is single tire, 2tire 3 tire and so on upto ntire ? can ny one explain me about this in detai..

Answer / sai madhu

one tier is standalone applications
two tier is client/server applications
three tier is web based applications
n tier is disturbuted applications

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