What is difference between cursor and ref cursor?

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Which one of the following pairs of aggregate functions do you use with character fields? 1. COUNT(field) and MAX(field) 2. AVG(field) and COUNT(field) 3. MIN(field) and SUM(field) 4. AVG(field) and MAX(field) 5. COUNT(field) and SUM(field)

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How to fetch alternate records from a table?

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how many no of table can be join in a sql query.

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What are analytical functions in sql?

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Where can I learn sql for free?

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Is primary key a clustered index?

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how to create object in plsql

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What is sql and explain its components?

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What is the difference between delete and truncate statement in sql?

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can i use global variables in stored procedure or function

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How do you create an update query?

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How to run pl sql program in mysql?

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