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Is coalesce faster than isnull?

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how are rank and dense rank being alloted for column with same values over a particular column

1 Answers  

can we call a procedure into another procedure?If yes means how you can pass the perameters for the two procedures?

2 Answers   Fujitsu,

what is a trigger? : Sql dba

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What are the different dml commands in sql?

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What is a clob in sql?

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What are the difference between Functions/Stored Procs and Triggers and where are they used.

1 Answers   CGI, TCS,

What is pl/sql tables?

7 Answers   TCS,

What are the various levels of constraints?

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What is Pragma EXECPTION_INIT ? Explain the usage ?

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what is inline view?

15 Answers  

What is sql constant?

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What are all the different normalizations?

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