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What is sql in java?

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What does where 1 1 mean in sql?

0 Answers  

How do I run a pl sql program?

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What are the PL/SQL Statements used in cursor processing ?

4 Answers  

i have table T!. A B C D NULL 1 2 3 4 NULL 5 6 7 8 NULL 9 10 11 12 NULL. I WANT COUNT OF NULL VALUES IN TABLE. WRITE A QUERY.

14 Answers   iGate, Wipro,

Can a table have no primary key?

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What is an index and types of indexes. How many number of indexes can be used per table ?

12 Answers   Accenture, BirlaSoft, Cognizant, CTS, Symphony,

what is a database lock ? : Sql dba

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Can we create a trigger on view?

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how to debugg a procedure or package using dbms_output.put_line in plsql

1 Answers   Polaris,

What is pragma in sql?

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Define implicit and explicit cursors.

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What is keys and its types?

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