wht type of User defined functions or Java Releated
functions do we write in VB scripting

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hi This is Harish.1. What is object repositery .2. what is frame works in QTP,what is keyword driven frame work,explain it and how to associate the folders.3.the build is developed in java, can we write scripting in vb .4.what is discriptive progaram,how to write it.5.what is process of QTp testing.6. how to associate the shared repository. 7.what is implicit and explicit 8.what is runtime data please replay me regards Harish

3 Answers   Syntel,

How to add synchronisation points in qtp?

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Where we use data driver in qtp?

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how you test broken link using the automated tool QTP ?

4 Answers   Oracle,

how to compare two excell sheets by using vbscript??

2 Answers  

Can we select add ins in UFT during run time

1 Answers   NIIT,

What is a programmatic description?

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What is standalone database?

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what is the script to select 2 or more than 2 options from a listbox.

2 Answers   Polaris,

Where we can use the synchronization?

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i am trying to capture the URL from the open browser and store it. pls give me solution how we can do this in QTP. thanks

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What is the basic concept of qtp?

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