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What is a primary key called that is made up of more than one field?

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a table has 2 classifications 1)liabilities 2)earnings this liabitity has 2 elements with 2 input values and the earnings have 2 elements with 2 input values i wrote a query so that my input is liability savings amount1 amount2 xxxx null xxxxxx 0 xxx1 null xxxxx1 0 null yyyy 0 yyyy null yyy1 0 yyy1 my problem is --when i developed a report(d2k) with this data my o/p is liabilities,amount1,savings,amount2 xxxx xxxxxx xxx1 xxxxx1 yyyy yyyy yyy1 yyy1 how could i move this savings,savings values 2 palces up. can any body provide me witha better solution

0 Answers   TCS,

Explain ttitle and btitle.

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When we give SELECT * FROM EMP; How does oracle respond?

24 Answers   Accenture, HCL, Infosys,

What is data abstraction in sql?

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Does a primary key have to be a number?

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Can a key be both primary and foreign?

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How can we solve sql error: ora-00904: invalid identifier?

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Why do we create views in sql?

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why use cursors?

5 Answers   Oracle,

What are the usages of sql?

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What is pl sql code?

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what is meant by urlencode and urldocode? : Sql dba

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