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How long it takes to learn pl sql?

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How do I count duplicates in sql?

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Write a query to find the employees from EMP table those who have joined in Monday. (there is a column as hiredate which is a date column i.e values are like 03-DEC-81)

5 Answers  

What are the limitations of sql express?

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SQL Tuning, Oracle Server 10g: Why is the following hint invalid? SELECT /*+ first_rows parallel(table_name,paral_number)*/

1 Answers   Accenture,

What is the difference between nvl function, ifnull function, and isnull function?

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What are the different dml commands in sql?

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What are database links used for?

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SELECT flavor, SUM (ice_cream_sales) FROM sales_detail GROUP BY flavor ORDER BY 2 DESC If the "sales_detail" table contains ten records with different values in the flavor column (two "vanilla," three "chocolate," four "strawberry," and one NULL), how many rows are returned by the sample code above? 1. 0 rows 2. 1 row 3. 3 rows 4. 4 rows 5. 10 rows

8 Answers   Sonata,

What is coalesce in sql?

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What are hotfixes and patches?

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What will you get by the cursor attribute sql%rowcount?

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How subquery works in sql?

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