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How do I use google cloud in sql?

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what are the join types in tsql? : Transact sql

0 Answers  

What are sql data types?

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With out using count() function. How to the find total number of rows in a table?

6 Answers  

what is the difference between sql and t-sql? : Transact sql

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declare v_count number(8,3); v_sal scott.emp.sal%type := '&P_sal'; cursor cur_name is select sal from scott.emp where sal between (v_sal-100) and (v_sal +1000); begin v_count :=nvl(sql%rowcount ,0); if v_count = 0 then dbms_output.put_line('no records are fetch in the given sal range'); else dbms_output.put_line('There is/are '||to_char(v_count)|| ' salaries are selected in the given range '); end if; end; in the above programm .....for any sal range ....always it shows the following message.. no records are fetch in the given sal range please find the mistake and share with me...with thansk and regards..sarao....

3 Answers   Satyam,

What is difference between Procedures and Functions ?

6 Answers   Hi Caliber IT,

What are system versioned tables?

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what is the difference between implicit conversions and explicit conversions?

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what is oracle sql,pl/sql with interfaces

2 Answers   TCS,

Hi all, i have a table as follows empid empname mgrid deptid 1 a 3 4 2 b 1 5 3 c 2 3 4 d 3 6 5 e 4 7 i want the output as empname mgrname a c b a c b d c e d

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What is structural independence and why is it important?

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How can I tell if sql is running?

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