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JDA Interview Questions
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What is difference between a Cursor declared in a procedure and Cursor declared in a package specification ?

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What is meant by preconditions and postconditions in a Test Case? Can anyone give an example?

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How can i check the object existance in RPG program without using QCMDEXC command.

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How to confgiure sccm in AD for synchronization

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In a PL/SQL block,which loop type should be used in a performance point of view & Why (as both loops can do the same task) 1) open - Fetch loop 2) for loop

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What is difference between select statement and cursor

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1)In a pf if we delete a record then how to insert a new record at the same place in that pf?? any logic or code? 2)A batch job is taking a lot of time to run,found that it is going into loop and wrapping up so how to skip that loop and process the job without changing the code? 3)In which scenario C D I R comes and C D G F comes in a job? 4)If a job came to error while processing a file how we can know at which record the error hit and how to skip that record and process other records without changing program code?


in RTVMBRD  where you will find no.of records....(i mean in which attribute)?

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