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Which two companies have formed a research and collaboration
alliance to develop patented drugs?

1 Ranbaxy and Glaxo SmithKline

2 Ranbaxy and Penacea Biotech

3 Nicholas Piramal and Ranbaxy

4 None of these

Which two companies have formed a research and collaboration alliance to develop patented drugs? ..

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(1) Ranbaxy and Glaxo SmithKline

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Pick the odd person out. (A) J.J. Vallaya (B) Ritu Beri (C) Vandana Luthra (D) Ravi Bajaj

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Who among the following received the prestigious Borlaug Award for generating awareness among farmers about threats to food security and livelihoods from patents and intellectual property rights ? (a) Aruna Roy (b) Champa Devi (c) Suman Sahai (d) Vandana Shiva

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Which mughal emperor was first a prisoner of the Marathas till his death? 1 Shah Alam II 2 Bahadur Shah II 3 Alamgir II 4 Akbar Shah II

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The largest silver producer in the world is: (a) USA (b) Mexico (c) Guatemala (d) Bolivia

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Name the bestseller by Frederick Forsyth based on the Gulf War: 1 Fist of God 2 Iraqi Folly 3 Operation Dust 4 The Negotiator

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The highest dam in India is: (A) Krishnasagar Dam (B) Bhakra Dam (C) Pandoh Dam (D) Hirakud Dam

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Indian constitution was prepared in 1 2 years 11 months 2 2 years 18 months 3 2 years 18 months 4 2 years 11 months

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when was nifty index listed

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The Reserve Bank of India has recently announced the Gold Card scheme for exporters. Its objective is (a) to offer better terms of credit (b) faster and simpler processing of applications for credit (c) sanction of ?in-principle? limits for three years (d) Timely renewal of grant for banking credit in foreign countries

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Payne Stewart who won the U.S. Open Golf Championship 1999 died in a plane crash in 1 May 1999 2 August 1999 3 June 1999 4 October 1999

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The Rule of the Law means: (A) the existence of written rules to regulate the conduct of government officials (B) that no person can be punished unless his guilt is established through a fair trial (C) that the power to make laws vests in the elected representatives of the people (D) independence of the judiciary

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Which is the largest city in China? (a) Shanghai (b) Canton (c) Beijing (d) Nanking

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