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Water contained by glaciers on earth is:

(a) 3%

(b) 2.24%

(c) 2.50%

Water contained by glaciers on earth is: (a) 3% (b) 2.24% (c) 2.50%..

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( b ) 2.24%

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PVC is obtained by the polymerization of (a) Propane (b) Vinyl chloride (c) Styrene (d) Acetylene

1 Answers   Paramount,

Mein Kamph is the autobiography of: (a) John F Kennedy (b) Adolf Hitler (c) Napoleon (d) D H Lawrence

3 Answers  

who acted as Gandhi in the film "Gandhiji"

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Which is the top country in cotton production? 1 USA 2 India 3 Pakistan 4 China

6 Answers   Banking,

We have all heard of a venture capitalist in the IT industry. Who or what is an angel investor? 1 Someone who puts money in the beginning of the project and usually does not expect returns on the investment. 2 Someone who puts money in an internet company that is running into losses. 3 Someone who gives only technical consultancy for the project. 4 None of these

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. Which of the following is in the chronological order (1) First Round Table Conference (2) Dandi March (3) Gandhi-Irwin Pact (4) Civil Disobedient Movement (a) 2, 3, 4, 1 (b) 4, 2, 3, 1 (c) 2, 4, 3, 1 (d) 2, 4, 1, 3

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Secular stagnation refers to (a) A stagnant economy (b) Recurring booms and depressions in the economy (c) Decrease in the marginal rate of growth in successive periods (d) Fluctuations in autonomous investment

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The President of India addresses his resignation letter to the: (A) Prime Minister (B) Vice President (C) Chief Justice of India (D) Speaker of the Lok Sabha

24 Answers   amu, HMT, IAS, ISRO, Law Firm, LDC, ONGC, SSC, Student, UPSC,

. Which of the following throw light on Harappan Culture? (a) Archaeological excavations (b) The script on copper sheets (c) Rock edicts (d) All of the above

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Plastids are found in (1) Animal cell (2) Plant cell (3) Plant and animal cell (4) None of the above

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How many times can the President of India return a non money bill passed by the Parliament? (a) Twice (b) Once (c) Thrice (d) Never

10 Answers   ESI, ESIC,

For how much period can the term of Lok Sabha be extended during the Emergency? (a) By one year (b) By five years (c) By one year at a time (d) By six months

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