What is the estimated industrial output growth projected by
the Centre For Monitoring Indian Economy for the financial
year 1998-99?

1 3.0%

2 2.5%

3 4.5%

4 4.0%

What is the estimated industrial output growth projected by the Centre For Monitoring Indian Econom..

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(4) 4.0%

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The first general elections were held in India in (1) 1960 (2) 1962 (3) 1951 (4) 1952

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Which one of the following features we have not borrowed from the Constitution of U.S.A.? (a) Supreme Court (b) Written Constitution (c) The powers of the President of India (d) The Federal System of the Government of India

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Green Box subsidies refer to 1 Indirect subsidies I agriculture that are allowed under WTO 2 Direct production related subsidies in agriculture that are not allowed under WTO 3 Subsidies related to defence production that are allowed under WTO 4 Subsidies related to exports that are not allowed under WTO

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I have attended the interview on 15th Sep. Here are few questions that were asked during my interview.

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