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Which one of the following places was the venue of the 1999
Miss World Contest?

1 Los Angeles

2 Japan

3 London

4 New Zealand

Which one of the following places was the venue of the 1999 Miss World Contest? 1 Los Angeles ..

Answer / guest

(3) London

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Who founded the Hindu Shahi dynasty of Punjab? (a) Vasumitra (b) Kallar (c) Jayapala (d) Mahipala

4 Answers  

Cornea is a part of which of the following organs of human body? 1 Eye 2 Ear 3 Nose 4 Heart

1 Answers  

Who said, ?The new Constitution (of India) establishes, indeed, a system of government which is at the most quasi-federal, almost devolutionary in character: a unitary State with subsidiary federal features rather than the federal State with unitary features?? (a) Dr. K. C. Wheare (b) S. L. K. Ivor Jennings (c) Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru (d) Dr. B.R. Ambedkar

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If indium is added in small quantities to germanium, we get (1) n ? type semiconductor (2) p ? type semiconductor (3) rectifier (4) insulator

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difference between private and nationalised banks

8 Answers   State Bank Of India SBI,

Recently in which of the following States cow slaughter has been banned? (1) Arunachal Pradesh (2) Goa (3) Tripura (4) meghalaya (5) Mizoram

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. Bio films are (a) Colour films used by biologists to photograph living organisms (b) Photo micrographs of micro-organisms from various habitats (c) Accumulations of micro-organisms at surfaces such as those of a rock, a tooth or an oil droplet (d) Photographic films made through fermentation processes of certain industrial micro-organisms

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Bile juice is secreted by 1 Pancreas 2 Liver 3 Spleen 4 Gall bladder

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The salary of the Indian President has been raised from Rs.20,000 to 1 Rs.25,000 2 Rs.30,000 3 Rs.35,000 4 Rs.50,000

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According to the latest CB Richard Ellis survey on global market rents in 2002, India?s only city is the third most expensive city in the Aisa pacific in terms of occupancy costs. The name of the city is 1 Mumbai 2 Kolkata 3 Delhi 4 Chennai

1 Answers  

India opted for a federal form of government because of (a) Vast territory (b) Cultural integration (c) Linguistic and regional diversity (d) Administrative convenience

6 Answers   Google, SSC, UPSC,

National game of Canada is : (a) Cricket (b) Football (c) Ice Hockey (d) Tennis

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