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As per the reports from the Ministry of Health and Family
Welfare, the three important causes of mortality in India are

1 Tuberculosis, Typhoid and Malaria

2 Malaria, Polio, Cancer

3 Cancer, Heart ailments, Polio

4 Polio, Malaria, Heart ailments

As per the reports from the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, the three important causes of mo..

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(4) Polio, Malaria, Heart ailments

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The Royal shell which recently got a clearance from the Government of India to set up around 2000 petrol pumps in the country is basically a/an 1 Iraq-based company 2 Dutch company 3 US-based company 4 Irani company

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Who among the following was appointed the new Solicitor General of India recently? (a) P.P. Malhotra (b) Soli J. Sorabjee (c) Milon Kumar Banerjee (d) Goolam Vahanvati

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The head of the Union Government in India is (a) The President (b) The Vice-President (c) The Prime Minister (d) The Home Minister

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?Because you deserve to know? is the punchline used by 1 The Times of India 2 The Hindu 3 Indian Express 4 Hindustan Times

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The first Sampark Kranti Train, started in 2004, is between (a) Delhi ? Bangalore (b) Delhi ? Secunderabad (c) Delhi ? Chennai (d) Delhi ? Patna

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The Khasi Community inhabits in the state of 1 Nagaland 2 Meghalalya 3 Mizoram 4 Manipur

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Who is the author of the book ?Speed Post?? 1 Arun Shourie 2 Salman Rushdie 3 Shobha De 4 None of these

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pls can u send me sample papers of Cannara bank Probationary officers & clerk

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Buddhist literature was written in (A) Tamil (B) Sanskrit (C) Prakrit (D) Pali

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Which of the following represents the foreign debt of India at the end of December ?98 in terms of the percentage of GDP? 1 23% 2 28% 3 36% 4 43%

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first president who select as without opposition?

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Production of gobar gas involves 1 Fermentation 2 Oxidationj 3 Reduction 4 Hydrolysis

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