What is the formula for metric of ospf?

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What is difference between tcp/ip and osi model?

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What is default packet size of ipv6?

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Identify the command that disables name-to-address translation? A.) Router(config-dns)# no ip domain-lookup B.) Router(config)# no address translation C.) Router(config)# no ip domain-lookup D.) Router(config)# ip domain-lookup

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Which mathematically form used inipv6?

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Which two of the following protocols are used at the Transport layer? A.) ARP B.) UDP C.) ICMP D.) RARP E.) TCP F.) BootP

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Which fields of an IP packet provide for fragmentation of datagrams to allow differing MTUs in the internet? A. Identification B. Flags C. Frag Offset D. Type of Service E. Total Length

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If i had 400 computers set in a site how many VLAN i should configure so that i can share a proper bandwith,and also i had two lease line connection of 2Mbps each,

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Which of the following protocols are used for logical network addressing? A.) IP B.) TCP C.) ARP D.) ICMP E.) RARP F.) BootP

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What do the following statements in an extended access list accomplish? access-list 101 deny TCP eq 21 access-list 101 deny TCP eq 20 access-list 101 permit TCP A. This will block ftp traffic. B. This will block http traffic. C. This will permit ftp traffic. D. This will permit tftp traffic.

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Which IP Address Class can have 64,000 subnets with 64,000 hosts per subnet? A. Class B B. Class A C. Class C D. Class D

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there is three mode of vtp let there are three switch s1 in server mode s2 in transparent mede and s3 in clint mode then will that tranparnt mode going to effect the network if yes then how and if no then what it will do

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Identify the 2 characteristics regarding MAC addresses? A.) Contains a network portion and host portion B.) Always assigned by System Administrator C.) 48 bits long D.) Contains a vendor code and serial number

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