What is the formula for metric of ospf?

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My question is how windows pc will act as a router? Jitendra understand this question? I again want to ask you is it possibele for windows pc to act like a router

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Cisco routers use wildcard masking to identify how to check or ignore corresponding IP address bits. What does setting a wildcard mask bit to 0 cause the router to do? A. It tells the router to check the corresponding bit value. B. It tells the router to ignore the corresponding bit value. C. It tells the router to check its alternate routing list. D. It tells the router to use its primary routing list.

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Explain on which interface we always apply access-list?

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The Cisco IOS is stored in: A.) ROM B.) CD C.) Flash D.) NVRAM

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Suppose a USER is saying he is not able to access the internet or page loading is slow what trobleshooting steps you will take to get it fixed

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How many Devices does OSPF & EIGRP Support

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Which three commands are used to configure information into RAM on a router? (Choose three) A. configure memory B. configure terminal C. configure overwrite D. copy tftp startup-config E. copy running-config startup-config F. copy startup-config running-config

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What are three benefits of Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) (Choose three) A. PVCs are faster and more reliable B. No specialized equipment is required C. Data transfer is faster than typical modems D. Call setup is faster than with standard telephone service E. It carries many types of data tramp such as voice video and data

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Each department has its own file server and the company has an enterprise server that is shared by all departments. What does a network administrator use to provide a secure separation between the management and sales departments? A. a bridge between management and sales B. routers to provide the most secure segmentation C. a hub to provide ease of management and a satisfactory alternative for network security D. an Ethernet switch to maintain secure separationthrough programming the access lists for each port of the switch

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What is an administrative distance of 0 mean? A.) 0 means unbelievable B.) 0 is for EIGRP C.) 0 is the default distance for directly connected networks D.) 0 means unreachable

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Which Distance Vector characteristic can help to speed up convergence? A.) Triggered Updates. B.) Split Horizon. C.) Poison Reverse. D.) Hold Down timers. E.) Inverse ARP.

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What utility can you use to see the path a packet takes through an internetwork? A.) Route B.) SNMP C.) Trace D.) Ping

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