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Can we export the files from test director to excel sheet? If yes then how?

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Is QC comes under functional testing or not?

1 Answers   CTS,

Can u link the logged defect to the perticular requirement in QC just as we can map TCs to requirements in QC.

2 Answers   CybAge,

How to generate Testcase id in Test Director? a)Testcase id 1, b)Testcase id 2, c) TestCase id 3 d) Test case id 4

3 Answers   Ordain Solutions,

How will you generate the defect ID in test director? Is it generated automatically or not?

1 Answers   Indian Overseas Bank,

I am using Quality Center 9.2. While raising a defect i can see that there is only option to send a mail to assigned and it is also sent to me. Is there any way i can send the mail to multiple users ? I know i can save the defect and than later sent it to multiple users, but is there any way where i can send it at the time of raising the defect itself. Any configuration that can be done by an adminstrator?

3 Answers  

Explain about "Defect life cycle" in HP Quality Center ?

0 Answers   MicroGenesis,

how to create custom macros on a word document to import into Quality Center.

1 Answers  

How do I run reports from test director?

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What is the main purpose of storing requirements in test director?

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What is the purpose of (three)each view?

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what are the type of testing and methodologies

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