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Explain the defect life cycle.

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why it is know as alpha and beta testing(alpha & beta)?

2 Answers   Satyam,

Explain me software life cycle and SDLC

3 Answers  

what is the difference between Risk based and Requirement based testing???

0 Answers  

Can you explain confirmation testing?

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wat is test scenario

4 Answers   CTS,

Can the static testing be done for both web and client server application?

4 Answers  

What are the metrics used in testing .

1 Answers   CTS,

What is the difference between functional & non-functional testing?

6 Answers  

Artifacts in design phase of SDLC ?

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Hi, I am Nithi. I have completed my MCA in 2005i am heving 2.2 yrs of experience in testing because of my daughter i got break during mar 2006 to dec i joined in a small s/w company as tester.and i am looking for MNc job.what are all the things i want to prepare thanks in advance pls help me

2 Answers  

What is mean by "instance" in case of software testing..?

4 Answers  

how to excute testcases in regression testing time.

3 Answers   IBM,