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what is the difference between primary key and unique key? : Sql dba

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Is sql injection illegal?

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define sql update statement ? : Sql dba

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wht is the difference between sqlaserver2000 and 2005

1 Answers   ABC, IBM,

What is the Subquery?

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How do you select unique values in sql?

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How do you use collections in procedure to return the resultset?

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what is the use of friend function? : Sql dba

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What is Function based Index and which type of function we can use in Function base index. can we use aggregate,NVL function in Function based Index..

1 Answers   Metric Stream, Polaris,

name 3 ways to get an accurate count of the number of records in a table? : Sql dba

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Difference between NVL, NVL2 and NULLIF

1 Answers   CTS, Metric Stream,

How do I view a procedure in sql?

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What are the uses of sysdate and user keywords?

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