What is a test data? Give examples

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What is a test data? Give examples..

Answer / bishwajit.rk

Testcase requires to have input data to successfully
perform the testing of a application. This input data are
nothing but ur TestData.
Let me give u an example:
Nero is a application which basic funtionality is to write
files to a CD-R/RW. To test this application, we need to
have some files to write to the CD so that we can conclude
that this application is working. So, here the test data is
the "files" which to be written to the CD.

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What is a test data? Give examples..

Answer / naseem khan

The data input data used to execute a test case, to validate
a particular functionality of a system.

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What is a test data? Give examples..

Answer / aman

The Logical Data which is needed to test the functionality
of the Feature is "Test Data".

For Example: For checking the age of a human, it should be
upto max 3 digit and it should not be Negative.
Here Data for the testing of Human age is


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What is a test data? Give examples..

Answer / abdelshafy soliman

any data that is used in testing called test data
in other meaning the input data will the tester enter somehow it in the system that input data called test data . after the system accepted your input data then processes it and produce the out put you want to compare the out put with your expected out put also the expected out put called test data

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What is a test data? Give examples..

Answer / muralidharan

The Logical data which is used to execute a test case is
called test data
if we take ATM as example

1. we need a card for security for entering
2.same card for inserting onto the machine for swiping


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