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In testing where do we use sql language and how it helps in

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In testing where do we use sql language and how it helps in testing?..

Answer / stl

We use sql in Database testing. to see the impact of front
end changes are correctly posted on the backend database

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In testing where do we use sql language and how it helps in testing?..

Answer / rajendra prasad reddy,p

AS a Basic concept Database is two types
1.DBMS-Database Management Systems
2.RDBMS-Relational Database Management System

In DBMS the data will be stored in tables.It is not
possible to compare one table with another table in
DBMS.Like MS Access.

but in the case RDBMS we can create Data in the form of
tables and also it is possible to create relations from one
table to another table i.e we can compare one table data
with Another table data

SQL -Structured Query Language.
Mainly It has three parts

1.DDL-Data Definition Language
2.DML-Data Manipulation Language
3.TCL-Transaction Control Language

DDL contains following Operations
DML contains Following Operations
TCL contains Following operations
Some famous database names are
MS SQL Server from Microsoft
(less secure conpared to oracle)
Oracle from Oracle Corporation
(highly Secure then SQL Server)
MySql Open Source DataBase(Free Available Databse)

Allthe above three widely using databases are built on
In case of Testing SQL plays important role.
After creating Database it has ti be tested throughly.
Testing of database two types
1.Testing database directly by writing SQL
queries on the Back-end database and cross checking the
database vaidity.
2.Testing the database From front end,It requires
no knowledge of SQL skills
i.e we enter the data from front end and we will retrieve
from the front end.
Now a days Almost 90% of the applicationswill have
Ok friends ,

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