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How we wil do data driven test using chkpts?
Plz. give me complete navigation steps for this?

How we wil do data driven test using chkpts? Plz. give me complete navigation steps for this?..

Answer / nath .t

Data Driven Test Means we can test application with
multiple test data. there are 3 types of ddt.

1. Dynamic Data Submission
2. Data Table
3. From Front Grids

1. Dynamic Data Submission: Here ur interaction is there
at the time of test execution. u follow below steps

un = inputbox("Enter the user name")

here un is variable to store the user name

u can give the variable where u want to insert

(i.e., window("login").winedit("user name").set un)

2. Data Table: We can send data from excel sheet here ur
interaction is not here.

u must take the value from data table. u follow below

Navigation: Goto KeyWord View
where u want parameterize u Select Value column of that
press right corner of that select column it will shows
value properties dialog box here u can select Parameter
option and take Datatable option and select required
(i.e., window("login").winedit("user name").set datatable

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