notice the distinction between data driven testing and retesting?

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why we cannot apply check points in compile modules?

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Write test cases on ATM machine and On Pencil.

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6. Who will write the use case? 7. What is web based application?

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can anybody tell me " which automation framework u r using?" some interviewer asked this quesion? pls give me answer

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Tell us which package can be imported while working with webdriver?

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Hi Can anyone tell me the site wherefrom I can Install latest version of QTP on my PC?

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What are the things that one should consider for selecting a project for test automation? For example, stability, etc.

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Stop automating the tests which run once?

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4. How we implement Winrunner,in our project?

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what is 2 tier and 3 tier application.

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Explain some automation testing tools.

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Can anybody would u like to tell the details of Automation Framework, with example. and also give preferable books. sites. Thanks in Advance.

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