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You have an application which shows the exam results of the student. Corresponding to name of each student its mentioned whether he passed or failed the exam with the label of “pass” and “fail”. How will you identify the number of passed and failed student in vugen script?

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What is SECURITY TESTING? what are the methods followed for this type of testing? Thanks, Prasanna

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What do I need to know to do load testing in addition to knowing how to use the loadrunner tool?

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What is a difference between pacing and think time?

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hi guys pls tell me, for load runner institution "TEST Q" is better or not? pls share with ur learning exp in testq to all?

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What is lr-function?

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Where do you set automatic correlation options?

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what is the difference between HTTP & HTTPS

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In which scenario, we should use "Vuser as Process" rather than "Vuser as Thread" and what is advantage of "Vuser as Process" option. (Please do not describe about Vuser as thread or advantages of vuser as thread).

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What is the difference between load, performance testing?

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Hi Am new for load testing.I got the following error..Please check it and do needful.. Action.c(213): To location " PUNE/wfErrorApplication.aspx" [MsgId: MMSG-26693] Action.c(213): Found resource " NIELSEN-PUNE/ccms_css.css" in HTML " NIELSEN-PUNE/wfErrorApplication.aspx" [MsgId: MMSG-26659] Action.c(213): Found resource " NIELSEN-PUNE/images/ERROR.GIF" in HTML " PUNE/wfErrorApplication.aspx" [MsgId: MMSG-26659]

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How to execute set of multiple SQL queries in Load Runner? Which component in LR would be used to run the SQL Queries?

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i have 10 users, 20 itereatios and duration 1 minute how can design this scenario.

1 Answers   Wipro,