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With 1+ years Exp in Lr tool mentiond Roles and
Responsbulites ?

With 1+ years Exp in Lr tool mentiond Roles and Responsbulites ?..

Answer / murthy

1)Preare click stem documenets,
2)Record and paly for single user,
3)Enchace the sript for multiple users by using
4)Design the secinario.
5)Execute the scenarios
6)Monitors graghs and analyze results.

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Application Description: My current Project is a .net application & has Active X components also implements AJAX technology for report generation. Flow : A report has to be generated as soon as the preferences have been selected. Issue With Web(http/html) protocol in LR 8.1.4 and LR 9.1: Replay snap shot doesn't show any screens except the login screen(junk data is displayed instead of Reports)..And the last snap shot has "session expired" messsage. Issue with Web(click and Script) Able to record and replay sometimes...but no consistentency. Couldn't execute the script in the controller due to this incosistency. Any suggestions would be really helpfull.E-mail me for any further clarifications/information.

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