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How to decide the tool that one should use for automation testing in their projects?

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How do you plan test automation?

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How could the web element attributes be inspected in order to use them in different locators?

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What all different approaches can be used for designing an automation solution?

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Which is the best testing institute for Selenium training in Hyderabad.

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Kindly let me know how to setup JMeter for functionality testing of a Web application.. The apache help doc is good but i m little confused with it... :(

0 Answers   Telelogic,


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How to Rcognize the Objects in the Web Page Dialog Using QTP

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what is meant by framework? and when we use framework in our project ?

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Anyone aware of Test Runner (ETL Automation Testing tool) if so please help me with material in

0 Answers   NTT Data,

which is the best online training website?

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How you report bug in to bugzilla

0 Answers   Diebold,

I want a code for a following item in TSL Language. Look up a person in database, If not found, add person to the database.

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