What is pl/sql and what is it used for?

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What is pl/sql and what is it used for?..

Answer / pavan_1981

PL/SQL is Oracle's Procedural Language extension to SQL.
PL/SQL's language syntax, structure and data types are
similar to that of ADA. The PL/SQL language includes object
oriented programming techniques such as encapsulation,
function overloading, information hiding (all but
inheritance). PL/SQL is commonly used to write data-centric
programs to manipulate data in an Oracle database

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What is pl/sql and what is it used for?..

Answer / akki julakanti

pl/sql is a procedural language
it is extension to sql introduced by oracle,
to perform operations over a database.
Here we follow some sequence of steps or programs.

1.supports conditional,looping,modularity
2.Better performance
4.Allow subprograms

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What is pl/sql and what is it used for?..

Answer / ehsraka

It has an edge over the normal sql commands, as it
increases performance by pushing the bunch of sql commands
into engine in a single go.

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What is pl/sql and what is it used for?..

Answer / durgaprasad sr

Actually why PL/SQl is existing when SQL is already there is...

To convert all the values present in a table to VARIABLES so that we can present the data on front end. untill and unless you convert them to variables you cant see the output on front end..

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