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A person to be elected as a Member of House of People (Lok
Sabha) must be

(a) 25 years old

(b) 30 years old

(c) 35 years old

(d) 50 years old

A person to be elected as a Member of House of People (Lok Sabha) must be (a) 25 years old ..

Answer / guest

( a ) 25 years old

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Among the following planets, which one takes maximum time for one revolution around the Sun? (a) Earth (b) Jupiter (c) Mars (d) Venus

2 Answers   Jupiter, State Bank Of India SBI,

Who was the Finance Secretary of India, 1951

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The Directive Principles of State Policy are (a) Justiciable (b) Non-justiciable (c) Always justiciable (d) Sometimes justiciable

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The largest petroleum exporting country of Africa is 1 Libya 2 Algeria 3 Nigeria 4 Egypt

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Which one of the following sequence of dignitaries is in correct order as per the protocol in India? 1 Prime Minister, Chief Justice of India, Former President 2 Prime Minister, Former President, Chief Justice of India 3 Chief Justice of India, Prime Minister, Former President 4 Former President, Prime Minister, Chief Justice of India

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When sound wave is refracted from air to water, which of the following will remain unchanged? (a) Wave number (b) Wavelength (c) Wave velocity (d) Frequency

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The safeguard agreement with regard to civilian nuclear to civilian nuclear facilities between India and the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) came into force on?

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The quit India call was given in (1) 1942 (2) 1944 (3) 1947 (4) 1857

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Indian Constitution is (a) More rigid than flexible (b) Very rigid (c) Very flexible (d) More flexible than rigid

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NABARD helps rural development by (1) Giving direct loans to farmers (2) Providing refinance facility (3) Assisting Gram Panchayats (4) Assisting Zilla Parishads

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The leading lady?s role in Mehbood Kahn?s film ?Mother India? was played by 1 Nargis 2 Nutan 3 Madhubala 4 Meena Kumari

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In which among the following molecules is the distance between two adjacent carbon atoms largest? (a) Benzene (b) Ethane (c) Ethene (d) Ethyne

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