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How does postgresql compare to mysql?

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What is AUTH_ID and AUTH_USER in pl/sql ?

0 Answers   INDUS,

Which is better varchar or nvarchar?

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How to write html code in pl sql?

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How to create a view on a table which does not exists

4 Answers   Oracle, TCS,

What is difference between stored procedures and application procedures?

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Which clause of an UPDATE statement allows you to affect only certain rows of a table? 1. The WHERE clause 2. The SET clause 3. The ROWS AFFECTED clause 4. The ORDER BY clause

6 Answers   HCL,

What is an index? What are the types of indexes? How many clustered indexes can be created on a table?

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What are sql commands?

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What is the Query to print out the individual total number of duplicate row in sql.

5 Answers   TCS,

What is crud stand for?

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What is difference between joins and union?

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What do you understand by pl/sql cursors?

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