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Accounting for vc money in financials

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What is service tax & excise?

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What is mutual fund what is derivatives what is capital market what is TDS.breifly

0 Answers   Syntel,

net worth is: 1)total assets less outside liabilities 2)total liabilities plus owner equity 3) current assets less current liabilities 4) total accumulated profit less liabilities choose correct and with deatail.

3 Answers  

Mohan sold goods on 1st sep 2009 for the rs 200000/- to sohan immediatly accepted a 3 month bill.on the due date sohan request for the renewal of the bill for further peirod of two month .mohan agree to pay interest @9% per annum to be inculuded in the new bill . determine the amount of new bill?

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what is prudence

2 Answers  

Principles of accounting

4 Answers   Bank Of America, Genpact,

how do you calculate depreciation on land?

3 Answers   HP,

Over or under provision of what is taken to profit and loss account as profit or loss at the time of termination or sale of Assets?

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what is debit balance of p&l a/c show in asset side of b/s?

3 Answers   Capital IQ, Sonali Bank,

what is cash on account?

1 Answers   DuPont, Genpact,

what are the errors in brs?& what is useful of them?

5 Answers   Genpact, TCS,

Why Prepaid rent is treated as Personal Account?

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