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sir , i am very confussing enrty for cash receipts in t
code fbcj. do the effect on wbs element after selected
wbs ?

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Withhold Tax Types

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What is the entry pass if we are given to advance for employee?

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can any accountant forward format of daily or monthly mis format for accounts and finance dept!!

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What is the provision? What is the entry for provision?

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Why Capital is Posted in the credit side? Concept of it briefly .

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what is special purpose ledger in SAP.. is it required to configure in ECC 6.0 since New GL concept is active?

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what is the meaning of preliminary expenses

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Where do you post Credit Sales in Trading or P& L Account, or should we deduct from the actual sales and put the net figures in the column. Clarify

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How to calculate ESI pls give with example? and Professional tax give with example brother?

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What are the advantages of computer accounting over paper accounting?

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what is MIS Report

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Received intrest Rs.50 on advanve income-tax paid.

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