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What is dividend warrants?

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What is the nature of bank account: a) nominal b) real c) personal

29 Answers   IBM,

what is , Purchase & Sales Return?

2 Answers   EDS,

What is the formula for acid test ratio in accounting?

0 Answers  

What is the equation for acid-test ratio in accounting?

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what is t code of journal voucher report with amount?

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wat is accounting entity

1 Answers   Capital IQ,

why dr is on left hand side while cr is on right hand side?

1 Answers  

Tell me the types of accounts involved in double entry book-keeping?

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Please describe your experience in inventory reporting & valuation including reconciliation of inventory accounts.

0 Answers   Entero,

What is compound journal entry?

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financial management

1 Answers  

During execution of Works Contract,If Contractee(Customer) supply goods to contractor, then it should be shown in Invoice as deduction or no need to show in Invoice.

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