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JK Associates Interview Questions
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Explain ASIC Design Flow?

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Bhagat Singh and B K Dutt threw a bomb in the Central Legislative Assembly: (a) to protest against the passage of the Public Safety Bill (b) as their aim was to overthrow the British government (c) to kill the members of the Legislative Council (d) to average the death of Lala Lajpat Rai

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What is the difference between an EXE and a DLL?

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what is accounting standard?

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what is the direct taxes?

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what is direct expensive?

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which date is effected in books related bank recancilation transaction date or value date?

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write a c program to calculate the income tax of the employees in an organization where the conditions are given as. (I.T. = 0 if income <100000 I.T = 10% if income _< 200000 it = 20% if income >_ 200000)

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what is the difference in using 440V ac with 50 HZ and 110 V ac with 60 Hz


what are the 4 rules to start the motor?


pls i want group2 material


What is Capital Commitments means?


How can we calculate the cement Quantity in M25?

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Why Dyn11 Transformer is selected for distribution transformer?

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