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What is parameterization? What is syncronization pt.?

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What is parameterization? What is syncronization pt.?..

Answer / ana

Parametrization: Checking the same operations with multiple
sets of data

Example : For checking the Username in the login window with
multiple sets of data (Characters, Special
Characters,Numbers, varying length of User Name etc)we can
parametrize the User name so that it can select separate
input each time (for characters, numbers,etc) and display
the result. This way parametrization helps you save the time
from repeating the same task with hundreds of different records.

Synchronization: Synchronization helps to handle the Time
gap problems between QTP and the appropriate application by
helping QTP to wait for the application to Invoke

Example: If the application takes 1-2 min for the data to be
rendered on the screen or for navigating to the next Screen,
QTP will display the results as Fail since in that
particular time period it was not able to fetch the records
or display the Screen, Here the Wait statements helps QTP to
wait till the particular time being mentioned to get the

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What is parameterization? What is syncronization pt.?..

Answer / thirumalareddy

parameterization is passing multiple input values instead of constant values to verify the functionality.

whenever there is a timegap between the qtp and the application process the test fails, to avoid that we have to use synchronization.
waitproperty "property name", "property value", "time"

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What is parameterization? What is syncronization pt.?..

Answer / radhika ravishankar

QuickTest enables you to expand the scope of a basic test
or component by
replacing fixed values with parameters. This process, known
parameterization,it greatly increases the power and
flexibility of your test or

synchronization point is that which handles anticipated
timing problems by ensuring that QT waits for some times
until the application is ready for the next step

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