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2.what are the various test appraoches that you are

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2.what are the various test appraoches that you are familier?..

Answer / prasannatl

Black box Testing
Whitebox testing
Gray Box Testing

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2.what are the various test appraoches that you are familier?..

Answer / dhanu

test approaches are test factors,deliverable depend on

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Q) A hotel telephone sys can perform 3 functions . Call another hotel room by entering a room number(201 to 500) . Call an external line by entering a 9, followed by the number. . call various hotel services 0=operator, 7=room service 8=reception. Write sets of test cases to adequately test this telephone system

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What are the Test case for the file transfer.

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i have sanity,smoke,regression and retesting.what is the right order of these in testing process.plz ans with example its urgent.

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Hi guys,I have 3+ years of exp in manual testing in a bangalore based MNC company.I Like to jump in chennai.So please if u know any jobs in chennai firms please let me know in my email-id. cheers, anbarasu.

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can i manage putting fake experience in manual testing what they will do if am caught

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what r the measure bugs found in your project??? Give some example abt this.

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what are the test scenarios for the new user registration in e-commerce site??

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