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What is the use of hr: user type, while configure multiorg?

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What are the mandatory setups in AP?

13 Answers  

How you will transfer payables to general ledger?

7 Answers   HCL, IBM, TCS,

Can I find out which invoices are matched to a PO?

2 Answers  

On account credit memo in AR needs to refunded, How ? and what are the steps required?

2 Answers  

What is the report used to identify duplicate suppliers?

2 Answers   Oracle,

What's the accounting entry when an Invoice is created in AP?

6 Answers   Oracle, Syntel,

Let me know to Support projects life cycles details?

2 Answers   Accenture,

What is Proxima Payment Terms?

2 Answers  

what are the setup from scrap in R12.?

1 Answers   Systems Plus,

If we hire you and that another company will offer you more money .... what will you do?

3 Answers  

How to Raise an invoice other than functional currency in AR

2 Answers   Xansa,

Hi Friends, My Age is 31 Year and I have 6 years marketing(3yr) and accounts(3yr) experience. I wanted Learn ORACLE APPS Financial. is it better decision to changing my career from one domain to another ? if yes who will give me a fresher job as my age more then 30 . need all your suggests friends

1 Answers  

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