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Explain the procedure for manual testing.

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Hi Im Swarupa I have 1 Year of exp in Software Testing.I was involved in manual testing of the applications.Pls let me know if you know abt any oppurtunities...Preferred location Hyderabad

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What is a test condition wen a tester will prepare or write a test condition?

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What will be your approach if a particular script in Load Test fails?

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Why is it impossible to test a program completely?

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Can any one give an example of having high priority and low seveority

2 Answers   Mphasis, Nokia,

What is the difference between Integration Testing and System Testing ?

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what is web application testing and what is the difference between a client server application and web server application?

3 Answers   IndiumSoft,

As a manager what process did you adopt to define testing policy?

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If i have 1o mandatory fields like Id, Name, DOB, DOJ, DOD, Client, location, Recruiter name, Skill, Rate with save and clear buttons Then how many test cases i need to write and what is the best way of process(Just no of possibilities or we need go for probability ) to complete the test cases?

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Can Someone tell me scenario in testing having low severity and high priority and vice versa

6 Answers   CybAge,

Acceptance testing is designed whether or not the software is FIT for the user to use. The concept of FIT is important in both design and testing. There are four components of FIT. State these 4 components?

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What is Defect containment?

3 Answers   Accenture, University,