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Why do humans have two intestines - small and big?

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Explain what does a beaver build?

0 Answers  

Why do elephants flap their ears so much?

0 Answers  

Why do we use ORDER BY Clause in Oracle SQL ?

0 Answers   MCN Solutions,

Which are the cats that have no tail?

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What is a dog’s most highly developed sense?

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In mammals, somatosensory, visual, auditory, and olfactory sensory systems all project to the cerebral cortex. To what extent does this imply some common form of neural processing?

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Which animal is the biggest?

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What is the world's most poisonous snake, and where is it located?

10 Answers  

can you pleae tell me what is the role of biology in banking sector ?

4 Answers   Banking, CBI, Central Bank of India, IBPS,

which branch of biology deals with the fundamental chemistry of life

1 Answers   Pokhara Higher Secondary School,

what is the study of molluscs called?

2 Answers  

valve guarding superior vena cava in embryonic stage

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