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How does temperature affect the action of enzymes upon their substrates?

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how vitamin c is synthesised?

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During a heart attack, blood flowing to the heart muscle is interrupted by blockage of a coronary artery. How would you expect the metabolism in the heart to change?

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What are Tetracyclines?

3 Answers   Dr Reddys, Reddy Labs,

what r porphyrias?

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what is racemic mixture and what is racemisation?

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Where can rna are found within cells?

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Who proposed law of mass action?

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What is the name of the dna duplication process?

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find the name of 4 such rivers which form delta?

3 Answers   GV,

Explain threshold energy?

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What is the completing sequence of nitrogen-containing bases for an agccgttaac fragment of a dna chain?

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What are catalysts?

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