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On which day every year National Awards for Teachers are

(a) November 14

(b) November 19

(c) August 15

(d) September 5

On which day every year National Awards for Teachers are announced? (a) November 14 (b) Nov..

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( d ) September 5

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What is the estimated industrial output growth projected by the Centre For Monitoring Indian Economy for the financial year 1998-99? 1 3.0% 2 2.5% 3 4.5% 4 4.0%

1 Answers  

The poetical portion of the Vedas is known as: (a) Brahmana (b) Samhita (c) Mahabharata (d) Upanishada

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Which two of the following nationalized banks have been merged as per the recommendation of the Narasimham Committee? (a) New Bank of India and Bank of India (b) Central Bank of India and Corporation Bank (c) Parur Bank of India and Bank of India (d) Punjab National Bank and New Bank of India

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India?s first hydel power station has completed its 100 years recently. The power house is located at 1 Mumbai 2 Chennai 3 Darjeeling 4 Calcutta

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Megasthenese classified the Indians into ??? classes. (a) five (b) seven (c) nine (d) eleven

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The process in which a solid substance, on being heated, changes directly into the gaseous form is known as: (A) Dissociation (B) Dissolution (C) Sublimation (D) Evaporation

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Dadasaheb Phalke Award given for: (a) drama (b) social welfare (c) literature (d) films

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With which of the following countries, despite 1997 boundary agreement, India has recently signed an agreement to expedite the process of resolving border dispute? 1 Bangladesh 2 China 3 Nepal 4 Russia

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Antibiotics are given to treat the diseases of which of the following? 1 Blood Cancer 2 AIDS 3 Asthama 4 None of these

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The black hole theory was discovered by (a) S. Chandrasekhar (b) Har Gobind Khorana (c) C.V. Raman (d) S. Ramanujan

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The member countries of the Commonwealth: (a) agree to come to defence of each other if attacked by any outsider (b) have democratic governments on the same pattern as UK (c) are free to follow independent policies (d) share the same wealth and hence the name

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Jeev Milkha Singh who was in the news recently, is associated with which of the following games/sports? 1 Football 2 Basketball 3 Golf 4 squash

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